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Tired of being frustrated, on edge, or snappy with your partner or friends? Are you struggling to look past the lens of your anger and feel it bubbling up when you least expect it? Working from a mindfulness approach, I help my clients begin to understand their anger, release it in a healthy way and learn how to manage it when it attempts to dominate them.

Are you struggling on a new life path or career change? Are you looking for guidance in understanding how you fit into this new you- or new role? Maybe you are a business owner, a new parent, or trying to figure out a different career or improve yourself in the one your currently in. Life changes and transitions look different for everyone. Yours is uniquely your own. I want to hear your story. I want to help you explore this new path or an old one and discover a way forward that best suits you, with the hope that it eventually leads to personal fulfillment and contentment.

Is your teen struggling? Maybe their grades are dropping, they are more irritable and angrier lately? Maybe they are moody, stressed, and crying more often. Something is happening with your teen, and you feel helpless about addressing it as a parent. Seeing your child suffer or struggle can be extremely hard! It can be even harder when the behavior feels out of control. I love working with teens.

I specialize in the difficult. 

Couples Therapy / Family Therapy

Are you struggling to communicate what you need/want from your partner? Maybe you are beginning to feel barriers built between the two of you? Whether you are looking to further learn how to effectively communicate your needs, move past defensiveness, feel more secure, or be more recognized in the relationship- couples therapy can support you and your partner on this journey together!
~High Conflict~


Trauma is a deep, personal experience. According to the research, trauma is held in the body and brain. It can present as anxiety, depression, emotional withdrawal, and anger. It often keeps us stuck in life. As a therapist, I utilize Mindfulness-Cognitive Behavioral, Strength-Based Positive Psychology, and Brainspotting to address trauma in my clients. Talking about our trauma takes courage and incredible vulnerability.

It's time to start this journey or to begin again!

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Are you feeling burned out? Constantly having to give and give, with little to no rest. Either in your personal or professional life-- or both? Often it is seen as strength in our world to keep going despite the cracking or fraying edges that begin to appear in our lives. Being the perfect parent, boss, or employee, best spouse, and giving more than enough, yet never feeling like we have. When is enough, truly enough? If you are a struggling caregiver, parent, or partner and need a place where someone else can carry the load with you, maybe help prioritize what matters—therapy is perhaps the place for you. Let’s find a better path back towards you and the incredible person you are—you were born enough, and it's time to stop proving it. 

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Get to know me

When I was a teen, I struggled with depression which I expressed through anger and shame. It was a confusing time for me, and at my parents' suggestion, I went to therapy, which was a defining moment on my path as an individual.


Through therapy, I realized the importance of mental health, speaking openly in a safe, non-judgmental environment, and the power of vulnerability. Let's just say after that, I was all in!

Therapy can be transformational, and finding the right therapist is key! The best way to understand someone is by knowing what they believe.


So here are some of my beliefs as a psychotherapist:  

What happened to you, doesn’t have to define you.

Re-writing the negative story in your head is possible.

You can and will overcome a toxic relationship or devastating loss.

There is nothing wrong with speaking your truth and using boundaries is an act of self-love.

Being vulnerable is a universal experience.

You are so much more capable than you realize.

Dante didn’t get out of Hell alone.

Therapy can work if you allow it to and have an open heart.

Compassion is invincible. 

Most of us are incredibly sensitive, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Men have the same emotional needs, and there should be no shame in talking about it.


If you allow me to be a part of your journey, I will be dedicated to supporting and being with you on this challenging road. So let's go! I'm ready for you!

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