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Anger Release/Management

Anger can feel like one of the most isolating emotions we have. Sometimes anger is explosive, passive-aggressive, or targeted inwards. And if we allow it, it can even come to define who we are with others and to ourselves. I specialize in working with anger because I believe it is one of the least understood and shamed emotions we have. My goal in working with you is to develop mindfulness around your anger through physical awareness, expression of it, and eventually how to compassionately respond and understand the angry part that is attempting to get your attention in a difficult situation/moment in a very big way. Essentially begin to control and release the anger that has built up over time.

If this is something you have struggled with for a long time, or recently—please contact me today. I would love to work with you! 

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Life Transitions

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, over-functioning- and well, frankly, just 'over' it? Are you feeling burnt out, tired, and wanting to throw your constant 'to-do' list out the window? If this resonates with you, therapy can help you escape and understand this emotionally depleting cycle and start living your life!

Transitions/change can be incredibly difficult, and it is essential to ask yourself if you want to continue this path alone or with support. 

You may be in a new job, a new position in life (a parent/ caregiver), or moving into a new place (all the 'new' things) and needing some guidance. Together we can identify what you need to have a happy, balanced life and move forward. As caregivers or parents, we may expect to be perfect or please those around us, and yet we sometimes don't stop to ask ourselves what we need. Working with me, I will help you see those stop signs, learn how to slow down and become mindful of what your true, authentic self needs and deserves. 

We all deserve a life with purpose, meaning, and joy, but it doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our happiness to achieve it. Connect with me today, and let's talk. 

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For parents interested in therapy for their teens.

Being a teen today can mean pressure and expectations from school, social media (FOMO is absolutely real and horrible!), friends, or sometimes family. The teens I work with struggle with many issues, such as anxiety, anger, depression, and perfectionism. And other times, those same teens need help navigating a demanding teacher, a difficult friendship, understanding their emotions, or dealing with a crappy breakup. 

Change is hard, and transitioning from a child to a young adult can be a challenging leap to take alone. Many teens that come to therapy seek guidance and support in understanding themselves and those around them. It is a confusing time being a teen today, especially in a post-pandemic world, social media craziness, and the demands of high pressured schools or coaches. As a therapist working with teens/young adults, I know the value and importance of this work, especially now when all they may need is a safe, neutral place to process their overwhelming emotions without judgment or rejection.  

If you feel your teen needs a safe haven while they venture into uncharted territory, therapy may be a good start. Connect with me today, and let's talk. 

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Trauma can be difficult to talk about and sometimes even harder to acknowledge. Yet talking about it can be the first step in opening that door into healing. Trauma presents itself in many ways, such as anger, irritability, feeling negative or worthless, unable to attend work or school, feeling more sensitive or numb, trouble concentrating/thinking/sleeping, flashbacks, zoning out and feeling tired. 

In working with trauma, I recognize the struggle of my clients to open up. I work with survivors of cancer, victims of crime, and childhood trauma. Trauma already makes us feel so raw, and so vulnerable that processing it can be hard. I work with clients through the lens of strength-based psychotherapy, mindfulness and compassion, providing education about what they are experiencing, as well as tools that feel do-able and easy to begin implementing. Additionally I am a Phase One Brainspotting therapist and have added that to the trauma processing brain-body experience. 

Get the help. Trust me, it is worth it. Staying stuck in trauma responses/reactions is not a way to live. All it takes is 20 seconds of courage to email, text, or call me. I'd love to help! 

Couples Therapy / Family Therapy

8-12 Sessions

There are many reasons why couples reach out for support. Some people struggle to communicate their needs in a way their partner can hear, without defensiveness, judgment, or criticism. Others fear showing vulnerability or themselves fully in their relationship. Essentially, someone or both, are experiencing distress in their bond together, and decide to come to couples therapy to better understand themselves, and each other. 

My goal as your couples therapist is to break down the barriers that have built up over the course of the relationship, or parts of yourself, to further re-build a road back to one another. I focus on the emotional understanding and processing of each person, and how it impacts the relationship through an attachment-based lens and emotionally focused therapy interventions. I see myself as a guidepost on the road in which you and your partner stand, illuminating the areas that you feel need mending or restructuring.

I also specialize with parents who are struggling to co-parent their child/children. Communication and collaboration are key to getting unstuck from the patterns that build up in families. Parenting can be rewarding as much as it can be challenging, family therapy can be a way to relieve the burden and begin moving towards positive changes in not only your relationship with your partner but also your child. 

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